Unique RESPONSible trip to Peru

An experience that most travelers only dream about, but not just that, this trip to Peru is tailored in our unique way to make sure you get the perfect dose of socio-cultural RESPONSability while enjoying the highlights of the country.

A land of contrasts that you will evidence on a daily basis. A challenging geography to conquer, always by the hand of our specialists.

Trip designed by Travel Expert Alejandro

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A versatil country where every destination to explore will be as contrasting as the people in them. The highlights of Peru will be even brighter with our unique social and cultural approach.


Day by Day

The feeling of landing and to be immediately transported to a vibrant reality is the effect of settling down in Barranco, followed the next morning by a tasting experience at the market, and a visit to the colonial downtown as part of our walking tour. Definitely, the best way to respire the air of the city.

Adventure in the calid coast; desert crossing by buggy and seafaring by speedboat. Paracas is full of life, scenery and great services and infrastructure. If not convinced, ask the sea lions, seabirds and others that live placidly along. This is the opportunity for your skin to get sandy-and-salty soaked, as for your eyes to get candied.

Time to calm down and to slowly stroll along the streets of this city that suddenly impacts with its facades of white volcanic stone, and blue, and red, and yellow friezes. Move smoothly from corner to corner with the savvy tips of our Digital Concierge to never miss a thing, especially the best tables in town.

A region of huge dimensions in every aspect; the depth and length of the gorge and the size of the condor, the big hearts of the people and their wide arms. This will be your first convivial experience contrasted with a touristy but worth living when crowding to watch the condor soaring.

A blue planet in miniature where every island is like a country itself. You will be received like an ambassador and will witness the people’s generosity no matter how humble. Later when the blanket of stars is displayed, the living culture will show in full splendor.

A fantastic full day road trip evidencing many facets of the Andean life, from Pre Columbian temples built to pledge a mythical god, to baroque churches and colonial towns, must-see attractions in the way between Puno and the city of Cuzco.

A day for leg stretching, but not to worry as most walking will be downhill. From archaeological places nearby to the Temple of the Sun in the heart of the city, taking a pause for a cup of coffee at the most iconic neighborhood. The capital of the Incas will remain here for you on your way back of your most epic experience you are about to start.

Pisac and Ollantaytambo are just two of the many mind-blowing locations that abound along the valley. You will witness how the current living in these towns is like traveling back in time to the Incas era. Evidence of cultural grandiosity and unbeatable natural settings are combined here.

The last days of intimate approach to local people will come together with a dream-come-true approximation to coffee farming. To get there you will hike ancient trails for then being spoiled by hot springs pools. Later on, you will be at the base of the wonder hidden in the mountains.

A perfectly planned day for you to have the best of all experiences. A magical place, charged with an incredible energy that undoubtedly will be transmitted to you. The perfect way to end the trip is to look back on these days, from arrival to the present, while comfortably sinking in the train’s couch.

The anticipated free morning for doing whatever you want in the city once considered the world’s navel. Then will be time to head to Lima and from there homecoming will take place. Thank you for traveling RESPONSibly!


Peru: Family Adventure with teenagers

A family of 4 traveling for 23 days in a tour covering the main destinations south of Lima with constant stimulation; interaction with locals, culture, adventure and free time to explore self paced

USD 1850.00

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Multi-active Peru with a touch of Archaeology

Two expert travelers literally along the whole country for 24 days. A thematic trip including the highlights and the not so visited attractions, always on the move and in close contact with the locals

USD 2800.00

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Lima and Cuzco Exclusive - Ethical Luxury

Five wealthy marriages experienced the top restaurants of the peruvian gastronomical boom along with dedicated visits to museums and of course a inevitable visit to Cuzco and MachuPicchu in a week

USD 3800.00

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Natural Peru - megadiverse land

Getting to wildlife hotspots in southern Peru demands some privations but to compensate that we provide the nicests accomodations to spoil the body along the route. A trip for 6 people along 16 days

USD 3550.00

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