The personalized treatment and the attention to detail is what makes us different

Everything starts as soon as you get in touch with us through any of our means (phone, email, web questionnaire). Let's say that one of our specialists 'adopts' your request and develops a travel proposal based on the information provided, in case something is missing they will make all the necessary consultations to cover those areas. The first proposal will be evaluated by you and all the changes you want or require, they will be made in conjunction with the specialist who adopted the design of your itinerary. For this we will use all available tools to communicate, including Skype, Whatsapp. Our team is based in Lima, Cusco and Barcelona (Spain) which also allows our staff to move around Europe - but more frequently to Holland and Belgium - and in addition participate in some of the most important tourism fairs. This is how we can keep appropriate calls to your local time to talk pleasantly about your vacation. Then, at some strategic moment of your trip, we will meet to welcome you and to give you the key information required for some sections of your trip. We will keep constant communication (unless you want the opposite) during the whole development of your itinerary, but in a very subtle way so that you feel accompanied and without taking away your independence.

How to combine business and friendship?

RESPONS was the solution to the problem of welfare projects and defined periods specific to non-profit organizations, which seek to train small entrepreneurs and rural communities, but that at the end of the management fail to achieve self-sufficiency, leaving many times behind Medium-skilled personnel, installed infrastructure and instructions to operate, but in practice still require monitoring for long years to be sustainable. The bond that RESPONS establishes between travelers and destinations, since 2009, broke the intrinsic barriers of the tourism business chain, allowing us to constantly advise friendly communities and commercial entrepreneurs in terms of best customer service practices; product development; administration and other tasks of the business, making it profitable for both us as a company and for all others involved and without the restrictions of execution times that the projects of non-profit institutions normally establish. Vicos, in Ancash, was the first experience, but in reality it was the reason that RESPONS was created, after Guido and Pablo met. In parallel Alejandro was in Puno seeing the difficulties that the communities of Titicaca faced despite having been so long exposed to tourism but also excluded from its benefits. Guido is Dutch, Pablo is Peruvian and Alejandro is Spanish and the mix turned out quite well, because the honest, sincere and above all, good humored relationship with our first allies spread quickly and naturally, so that RESPONS had very quickly become the main reference for tourism with communities nationwide.

Versatility is the key to success

The challenges of the new times, market trends and the creative team's own originality together shaped RESPONS: an agency and tour operator with the privilege of offering unique and authentic experiences throughout Peru and attending all kinds of requirements: specialized trips, luxury itineraries, arrangements for television productions and the national tourism promotion agency, among many other functions. If it has to do with gastronomy or archeology, we are prepared to offer the best of thousands of years of history and fusion of cultures and ingredients. In terms of Community-Based Tourism we're the real experts and will have you live the Peruvian culture from very close. If you want to experience nature at its highest level, we are ready to show you the biodiversity of Peru in a very original way. Traveling alone will never be a problem; Traveling as group of friends or as a family is another of our many specialties; Touring the country for long periods of time is the kind of requests we love to receive; and trying to make your most eccentric desires a reality are the challenges we like to accept, because we are very confident that our extensive knowledge of the country and our excellent network of contacts can do almost everything.

Travelling RESPONSibly

Our philosophy is based on many past and current lessons learned, but also on the opportunities that the large country that is Peru offers us. Apart from the obvious aspects of caring for the environment, culture and economy, we find that an excellent relationship with our local partners is the most important aspect of RESPONSible tourism. After all: the rural communities that we work with have formed us: not the other way around. We cooperate to reach the best balance between the needs and wants of the rural areas, and those of the traveler. This is also how we maintain a close friendship, mutual respect and indeed: we keep on traveling. Which is also important, because we are avid travellers and that makes us so good in what we do best: designing the best tailor-made trip through Peru. So come and tell us your dreams, we'll make them reality.

Why RESPONSible?

It is not about any type of propaganda or washing of corporate image, because it was really necessary to implement a business model in which all areas of human relations are respected, and more importantly, respect for the planet.In this way we practice fair trade; we foster cultural identity; we promote equal opportunities; We preserve the environment that surrounds us and the wildlife. We seek to implement a sustainable model that works organically, where all parties have the same participation. We are associated with Travelife but our best guarantee is that of the communities with whom we work shoulder to shoulder. In our effort to reduce our footprint we adopted hectares of Amazonian forest; or trees are planted in our name. Part of our income is donated to different causes -which we choose democratically from year to year. This is how we regulate our actions in different areas to comply with our philosophy. If we are RESPONSible or we do not finally leave it at the discretion of our travelers, because with their opinions and comments we correct our failures and deficiencies and we improve day by day in the always demanding path towards sustainability.

Specialists in travel through Peru with multiple focuses

Absolutely all the RESPONS team lives or has lived in the country and has experienced being and feeling Peruvian, but our strength is undoubtedly our diversity; our views from inside and outside the national territory; the youth and the intermingled experience; and finally multidisciplinarity.From your first contact with us you will be able to show the knowledge that we have about the country, we are anxious to share all our tips and suggestions about those special places to visit - in addition to the main attractions; places to eat or drink as it should for a gastronomic destination of excellence such as Peru; the best accommodations that are not only to rest but also to enjoy them; the routes, schedules and alternative ways of doing the routes to escape from mass tourism and to adapt well to the altitude.

In the end, you may realize that despite being in a faraway country, you're travelling just as fluently as a local.

The future is now

After 10 years of hard work but sweet satisfactions and having achieved commercial success, we are proud to have also founded the NGO Better Destinations Peru (2019), whose purpose is to put into practice all that knowledge gained with the experience of the company and translate it for the benefit of all Peruvian rural tourism enterprises that need the professional support of our multidisciplinary team to achieve quality in the provision of services, which will determine the socio-economic improvement of the populations linked to this activity. It will also be the arm that will allow channeling funds from donations for training, development and improvements. And finally, it will allow to continue searching for new destinations that are better organized and cleaner to welcome tourism.