Elena came to Peru for the first time in 2014. During her studies International Tourism Management and Consultancy, she came to Cusco to do her internship at RESPONS. It was a life changing experience. She found out she loves the mountains (something her home country The Netherlands definitely doesn’t have) and developed a strong interest in community based tourism.

In the following years she returned to Peru several times. She wrote her thesis about five communities in the Cusco region, with which she graduated with great success. Then she was asked back to Peru by Guido, this time as a travel expert for Dutch travellers in particular. Her new job at RESPONS perfectly fits her conscious way of life and helps in her desire to take care of the planet.

The sun, chocolate, and discovering new places is what makes Elena happy. One of her favourite destinations to travel and enjoy is still her birth country Spain, though it does not compare to the diversity Peru offers! What she enjoys most in Peru are the mountains, but she has become a jungle-fanatic too.

With enthusiasm she hopes to get as many people to Peru as possible, to taste what this beautiful country has to offer and to meet her lovely people.

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