Alejandro is restless by nature. Since young he was passionate about traveling in his natal Spain, where he used to trek and bike along with his father through the beautiful Pyrenees.

He studied at one of the top hotel schools of the country, La Fonda: the perfect excuse to start working around the globe. At first, he went to the nordic countries where he had his initial approach to the luxury market. Alejandro worked at embassies, at the Nobel prizes, as well as at the most reputed hotels like the Grand Hotel Stockholm and Helsinki Palace, before getting on board the Queen Elizabeth Ocean Liner to travel the world. Switzerland was next for many years, followed by some more years of traveling along Southeast Asia and Oceania.

His first step into South America was to Peru where he had a turning point realizing the negative impacts of the tourism industry on the local communities of the Titicaca lake. This was the moment when he decided to move here for good and join Guido and Pablo founding the new RESPONS.

Nowadays he is the company’s creative guru, constantly pursuing new goals but always keeping in mind his main motivation: to improve life of native communities while facilitating traveling families to discover the always surprising Peru, like he himself likes to do with his own.

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