In the beginning of 2011 not only did she lose her heart to Guido, but also to Peru. There was no way around it, moving to the Andes was the only possibility to be together! Immediately afterwards she got infected by the inevitable Peru-virus and Guido showed her, due to his work with local communities, all the corners of the country.

Whether this was with public transportation (from rickety overcrowded minibuses to the back of any random truck), at the back of an off-road motorcycle or days of trekking, she really didn't matter: she wanted to see and experience it all. From the coast through the Andes until deep into the Amazon rainforest: she became more and more fascinated by Peru's people, culture, smells and colors.

​She has lived in Huaraz and Cusco (both high up in the Andes) for several years, but pulled Guido back to Europe in 2015 to live in Barcelona. Here, she combines her work for RESPONS with guiding travelers around the city by bike: a very nice combination.​

Also thanks to two great studies in tourism, guiding trips in Peru, the urge to work with people and make sure they experience the time of their lives, is that she now​ ​helps ​​putting together​ ​original ​​tailor made​ ​trips to Peru: everyone should experience what this unique destination has to​ ​offer!

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