Pauline had the opportunity to begin traveling with her parents as a child, and together they also shared a passion for skiing and hiking.

One trip in particular marked her: Morocco, "the land of spices", with its fascinating culture. The experience was so great that she decided to choose Arabic as its third language in her studies. She finally obtained her degree in foreign languages applied to business.

In 2012, another experience reinforced her idea that traveling was an important means of union between peoples, when she traveled to Burkina Faso. Not long afterwards and together with her friends, they decided to create a humanitarian NGO called "Face au Burkina" which supports children and marginalized women in society.

After completing a Master's Degree in Economics and International Tourism Management, she decided it was time to put what she learned into practice. And it was the perfect opportunity to travel to Latin America, a destination she had always dreamed of. That’s how she decided to apply to RESPONS as an intern, particularly interested in the very popular topic of "sustainable tourism".

The experience and the result were so positive that at the end of the internship, she decided to continue working for RESPONS as a Travel Advisor from Europe.

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