Well okay, to sum it all up we want to: travel, travel, and travel, but we want to be sure that the destination -including its natural resources and human ones (cultural, social, and economical)- not just maintains unaltered but that it is altered positively. So there is the complexity, since determining the positive contributions of the development could be relative and having the certainty that the changes will be beneficial, not only short term, but long term, is a difficult task.

We should all contribute to a more sustainable world: people, businesses and societies as a whole. As a guideline we can make use of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Most of the earth's inhabitants unfortunately live in an unsustainable way, completely exhausting our planet's resources. Almost everything we do isn't very sustainable, but especially traveling, isn't it?

In 2009, the conception of RESPONS was based on sustainability through responsibility (you can review our history and who we are in the section: about us ). By 2012, we had the vision of incorporating a scoring system into our website, according to which a value of sustainability was assigned, from 1 to 5, to each activity offered as an experience within a travel itinerary. The experiences with the highest score were shown at the top and the potential traveler could choose based on it, but connecting loose experiences was cumbersome, so unfortunately we had to change our strategy, in terms of showing our passengers, a visual way to quantify the impact of their trips and an interactive method of planning their vacations.

A decade of trajectory always oriented in the same direction, supports us in part in the development of responsible proposals in favor of sustainability. But we would sin saying that our strategies are perfect, because although there are intrinsic factors associated, more important are extrinsic factors, in which we put equal effort to seek control in the best way.

Thus, this 2019, we can celebrate the realization of that impetus by transmitting to our passengers a logical way to see the impact of their trips (because the terms of sustainable development do not necessarily fit the length of a holiday) and we release our new report of sustainability that will be attached to the itinerary detail delivered to all our passengers.

This sustainability report analyzes a few variables that we consider to be among the most important to calculate a RESPONSible score, which helps us to compare trips and monitor our progress. Some variables are: Sustainable lodging; Interactive activities with locals; contributions to protected areas; and (the lack of) domestic flights.

Our tips to increase sustainability or improve impact

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