Machu Picchu Challenge - leading the way

Looking for a physical challenge and stunning views? To connect with nature and a vast variety of ecosystems? Then this trip is for you. Specially designed for the humble explorer, this trek will take you through the Andes to snow to the Amazonian jungle and ultimately, the epic Machu Picchu. These landscapes are as unbeatable as the communitary work you will engage.

Traveling by foot, this journey will give you an intimate, first hand look at the natural geography of a country famed for its environmental diversity. Our guides trek at the pace you set, bringing you into contact with coffee farmers, and chocolate mills, letting you pause to take in the awe-inspiring surroundings, and get a workout while you’re at it!

A beautiful trek with a meaningful sense, so you won’t forget the names of the places you visited neither the villagers you worked shoulder to shoulder.

Trip designed by Travel Expert Alejandro

per person from USD 1670.00

A group tour (6) with communitary sense and leaving a RESPONSible footprint on the way. The physical challenge is spiritually and personally rewarding on the best alternative route to M.P. of 11 days


Day by Day

You arrive to your first destination: a charming town situated at a prime location for acclimating to the altitude. Visit archaeological centers and vestiges of ancient cultures that still thrive in the streets today. Heeding tips of our Digital Concierge, tour about the delights of the small city.

Hop off the beaten path on a route that will take you to a pre-Inca site surrounded by crop terraces, and a neighboring creek. Walk through an elfin-like forest to make your way to Choquechaca. Here, you will help build a greenhouse for local villagers to provide crop cultivation that otherwise wouldn’t grow in these climates.

The most physically challenging day has arrived. Today you will cross Alancoma (4700m) and Tastayoc (4250m), passing views that will take your breath away — stunning scenes of snow capped tops, massive mineral rocks, and valleys that stretch far into the foggy distance.

Warmer temperatures welcome you as you are picked up and driven past Abra Malaga. You get to choose whether to go by bike or not as you venture through the land of tropical fruit, chocolate, coffee, and honey. Once in Santa Teresa, relax with a cuppa and dip in the hot springs, as you gear up to move across the cloud forest toward Machu Picchu.

Finally, you arrive to the peak of your journey: the massive citadel whose history and mystery continue to capture global fascination and awe. Take in the majestic wonder, explore the ruins, and let yourself imagine the lives of inhabitants who once populated this place so many years ago.

Explore the city at your own pace, taking tips from our Digital Concierge as you see fit. Gather all the gifts for loved ones — today’s the day to do it, for tomorrow you head to Lima to return home!


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