Multi-active Peru with a touch of Archaeology

Do you thirst for adventure? Do you wish to go off the beaten path for a truly authentic experience? Then this Peruvian journey is for you. Designed with the expert traveler in mind, this trip will put you in direct contact with locals, giving you hands on engagement with the Peru’s astounding trove of archaeological discovery.

Our specialists have curated this journey to highlight the ancient cultures of Peru, including the Inca, Chachapoya, and Moche, blending nature hikes and engagement with local communities and customs. Yes, this is for the adventurous, but with us, your safety is guaranteed!

Best of all, this trip will not only provide you the opportunity to learn, but our tailored itinerary benefits the local communities as well — the profits are win-win! If you’re looking to get your hands dirty and eyes opened, this is for you…

Trip designed by Travel Expert Guido

per person from USD 2800.00

Two expert travelers literally along the whole country for 24 days. A thematic trip including the highlights and the not so visited attractions, always on the move and in close contact with the locals


Day by Day

You land in the bustling center of Lima, where ancient and modern cultures collide. Dine in style while sitting beside the most well preserved archaeological site in the city. Venture to the bustling market and try your hand at bargaining, then head to the famed city center where the Spanish influence remains imbedded in the architecture.

Taking a couple days to acclimate to the altitude, you will explore the remarkable Quechua culture in living color. Our Digital Concierge will provide you with tips for navigating this charming town, allowing you to explore at your own pace.

This is the best alternative short route to Machu Picchu, as it takes you from snowy peaks into the lush cloudforest where coffee plantations can be found! The route will bring you in contact with coffee farming families that will welcome you as a friend, before you hike through the cloud forests, getting closer to your most epic destination…

Witness the legendary granite citadel put on the map hundreds of years ago, and embrace the sense of awe and wonder. Our guide provides the ideal balance of information you need to appreciate Machu Picchu, getting all questions answered without inundating you with historical citations, allowing you to commune with nature.

Drive from Ollantaytambo through the ancient Sacred Valley, home of some of the country’s most epic ruins. Visit the Inkariy Museum, Pisac and it’s unbeatable flourishing market. Walk amongst the friendly street dogs, laughing children, and make sure to dodge the motor carts!

Try your hand at haggling in the overflowing San Pedro market. Check out the megalithic Sacsayhuaman, to the bohemian San Blas to the exquisite Qoricancha temple. Rich with color and life, the roadside towns from Cuzco to Puno are a synthesis of the Andean and Spanish cultures, luring keen travelers with its mythic temples and baroque churches of ancient and modern religions in Andahuaylillas, Raqchi, and Pucara.

Temperatures start to drop as you make your way to Puno’s altiplano -- volcanoes, lagoons, and flamingos will keep you glued to the window as you journey to Titicaca. Then catch a boat, and take in the dozens of living cultures spread along the shores and islands of the great lake.

After staying in this city, you will understand why the locals are so in love with it. Despite it being known to some as “the white city” due to the chalk-like volcanic blocks, this town is packed with color, especially around the Santa Catalina Monastery. Our Digital Concierge will offer tips as you meander the streets and visit authentic, delectable restaurants.

Board the plane, because it’s time to fly South to North! You will be blown away by this land and its stories — the Inca Atahualpa was killed by the conquistadors, the ransom for his life not honored. You will visit the very Rescue Room were the fateful deal went down… Soak in gorgeous views, hot springs, and delicious cheeses.

Jump in a car and let the wheels drive you on a spectacular, scenic road trip. Once you arrive, visit a museum in Leymebamba itself, and ogle at the room full of mummies. Here you will be introduced to the world of the Chachapoyas, also known as “warriors of the clouds”.

Venture to the archaeological center called Kuelap, with its fortress-like appearance and then stand next to the precipice to see the Karajia sarcophaguses. The Chachapoyas must have enjoyed embellishing its already dramatic territory — and the wildness still reverberates about the land today.

You make your way to the land of Moche, home to pyramids and great burials — mythic kings of the sea resound about these lands. Loom native cotton with the locals, and explore the modern museum to deepen your understanding of all that you see.

It’s time to bid farewell to your dear Peru. Let your reflections settle, as you dust off your boots, bag your bags, and prepare to return to home — taking with you a bundle of unmatched experiences and insights into the cultures of yore!


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