Natural Peru - megadiverse land

This journey will take you from the coast to the mountains to the jungle — a comprehensive tour going from 0 to 3600 masl, covering the Pacific, the Andes, and the Amazon! Revel in the native biodiversity (butterflies, birds, orchids, mammals, amphibians), and relish the scenic beauty.

Our travel specialists have assembled a unique trip flexible for your needs, providing an unforgettable experience. Our operations team guarantees to take care of all your safety and logistical concerns, enabling your full enjoyment of an adventure not to be missed.

Trip designed by Travel Expert Guido

per person from USD 3550.00

Getting to wildlife hotspots in southern Peru demands some privations but to compensate that we provide the nicests accomodations to spoil the body along the route. A trip for 6 people along 16 days


Day by Day

Land in Barranco — the Bohemian center of Lima, and stay at a hotel with a nice view of the Pacific. Then take an excursion to El Callao to fish with local fishermen and swim with local swimmers (aka sea lions!) in the cold Humboldt current responsible for the richness of the Peruvian Sea. Enjoy the local, renowned cuisine, and nightlife entertainment from live music, tasty cocktails, to watching plays in living rooms!

Discover the some of the Andeans most gorgeous landscapes while herding llamas in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. The perfect spot to acclimatize to the altitude before reaching max elevation point tomorrow!

Take in the epic views of where the Andes and jungle meet atop Tres Cruces, before heading to Wayqecha Biological Station in the dynamic Cloud Forests where you will trek along gorgeous trails and across hanging bridges, living like a naturalist. Next, it’s down to the river to catch a boat to Casa Matsiguenka, named and run by the most reputable tribe of the regions responsible for opening the jungle to the rest of the world. River tours, night and day walks give you the chance to check out the wondrous native life, including monkeys, birds, caimans, giant river otters, and many more!

A global destination, hop aboard a scenic train trip to the Inca citadel, famed for its miraculous environment, rich history, and archeological impact, built in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings.

Tour the famed capital city of the Incas from top to bottom from paramount Sacsayhuaman, to the cobble streets of San Blas, to the bustling San Pedro market, to the historic Qoricancha Temple.

Descend from the highlands to the desert like the condors, foxes, and even guanacos (the rarest among South American camelids). Large colonies of sea birds and sea lions gather here, drawn by the ecological richness of the sea. Take in the sweeping coastal landscapes, and finally, fly over the massive, enigmatic Nazca lines of breathtaking natural wonder.

Return to Lima to familiarize yourself with the other side of town, exploring the diverse regions within the capital. Walk to the city center to learn about the reputable iconic sites of interest, then indulge in a traditional lunch where your palette and curiosity will both be nourished as you take in the origin stories of your meal’s every ingredient!


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