Peru full of fun for parents with teen kids

This package adventure is born directly out of our client feedback combined with the playful personality of our trip designers. Looking to capture the best of Peru? To soak in the stunning sights, and tastes? To build unforgettable memories?

This comprehensive trip is designed for all ages, flexible to suit your personal needs. You will travel from the city, to the desert, to the jungle, and beyond, moving from epic sights via bike, kayak, zipline, and soaring airplane!

Our specialists have devised this journey to fit your desires — tailor-made, this trip provides an abundance of choice within a country of wonder. We take care of all safety and logistic concerns, enabling you to give in to your adventurous spirit, and take in all this marvelous country has to offer.

Trip designed by Travel Expert Agnes

per person from USD 2300.00

Lots, lots of fun! Otherwise, what’s traveling about? So we designed a tour full of surprises and activities for the four family members, traversing as many places as possible during 16 days of joy


Day by Day

Spend the first day settling in and exploring this remarkable city at your own pace, heeding the wise tips of our Digital Concierge. Then join a bike tour — the best way to see the city! — and venture to the city center, avoiding the hassle of urban chaos to make your way to the most iconic attractions the city has to offer.

Kayak your way to the best spots of the jungle, trying not to be eaten by caimans and piranhas! Once having survived and feeling lucky to be alive, try not to get lost during the night walks, but if you do, at least you’ve been armed with extensive botanical knowledge, and so might endure. Then fall asleep thinking on all the wild animals and plant life you saw that day.

First, check out the local museum and market overflowing with color, delight, and history. Then make your way to a textile workshop to learn about the andean textiles, from the camelid to dying and icon printing. Next, is time for more of those adventures: climbing, zipline riding, and more kayaking. Visit the marvelous pink salt terraces, and finally end up in Ollantaytambo to catch some much needed rest and sleep.

The ace under the sleeve — this is considered the best “shortcut” to Machu Picchu. Take a bike downhill into the lush cloud forest where coffee plantations can be found.The route will bring you in contact with coffee farming families that will welcome you as a friend, before you hike through the cloud forests, getting closer to your most epic destination…

Epic, breath-taking, a global destination. Take in the stunning Inca citadel, famed for its miraculous environment, rich history, and archeological impact, built in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings.

Tour the famed capital city of the Incas from top to bottom from paramount Sacsayhuaman, to the cobble streets of San Blas, to the bustling San Pedro market, to the historic Qoricancha Temple. Participate in a chocolate workshop, that leaves you licking your chops with smiles.

Time to visit the ocean! Take a sea safari and hang with sea lions and penguins. Hop a boat tour to El Candelabro, then board a jostling buggy ride across sand dunes — should you get covered in sand, not to worry, as you can wash off at the secret lagoon that awaits you at the trip’s end.

The motion-sickness-inclined among you — perhaps a motion sickness pill is advised, as you board a small plain and fly over the magnificent lines of the desert! Test your memory as you fly over the tracings below — can you remember what figures are which…?

Back in the capital you have a free morning to yourselves. Maybe it is a good time to pick up gifts for friends and family, or simply to spend the remaining cash and stretch your legs before catching your flight on home.


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