Mindfulness Peru - conscious journey

“Mindfulness is the consciousness that emerges when intentionally paying attention, in present time, with genuine compassion and curiosity.”

What better occasion to put this sentiment into practice than during your vacation. Don’t disconnect, rather, reconnect.

Our travel specialists team has designed a route for travel experts looking to connect with the natural wonders of Peru. You will move through the country’s capital to the Amazon, to the Inca cultural epicenter, and to the serene Lake Titicaca.

This tour experience will expose you to the different facets of culture and nature of this great country — ideal for groups and individuals looking for a holistic experience. Also a wonderful opportunity for company partners, colleagues, and coworkers looking for team integration.

A meditative tour through Peru.

Trip designed by Travel Expert Alejandro

per person from USD 4100.00

We believe few places offer what Peru does in terms of achieving real holistic connection. This trip was designed taking into account the spiritual and mystic peruvian south for 6 people along 11 days


Day by Day

Arrive to the city, beginning the day with meditation. Explore the ancient and modern aspects of Lima, and visit the ancient oracle Pachacamac where you will have an opportunity to make an offering to mother Earth, participate in a ceramic workshop, and a conscientious cooking class. Then check out the historical center — again, concluding the days with meditation.

Kick off the day with meditation and yoga, then take tranquil boat rides and walks to connect with the natural environment. Take in the sounds, views, warm sun and fresh air, as you move through the jungle and engage with the native inhabitants. Land in the supreme lodging digs, and relax at the wellness center and its open-air rooms.

The days are again complemented with meditation and yoga, grounding your experience as you travel to the Sacred Valley: where life is simple, tranquil. Soak in the harmony, wisdom, and peace inherent to the valley. Local women will conduct workshops about medicinal creams, sharing insights with travelers about the countryside, before you visit the salt terraces of Maras, and have an opportunity to give back to the local people.

Begin the day with a quiet meditation: the perfect preparation to take in the epic Machu Picchu. Stunning. Reverberating with spiritual hum. This wonder of the world will sweep you off your feet. A humbling, awe-inducing experience. The citadel will give you a renewed energy to take carry in your heart.

After a morning yoga and meditation session, take a visit to the San Pedro market to buy ingredients for a conscious cooking workshop that will take place at an uptown, local house with the privileged view overlooking the city. Walk up to Sacsayhuaman and explore the ruins. The rest of the afternoon is yours to wander and take in the sights, sounds, and smells.

Beginning your days with morning meditations, you will visit this magnificent lake and learn about its influence over terrestrial life and the afterlife. Then visit the floating islands of Uros Titino. Check out the enigmatic Aramu Muru, before going to the joyful Luquina. And last but not least, pay visit to the unforgettable Sillustani. Let your travels sink in as you catch your flight back home with your connection to the larger world re-kindled.


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