Local Way - our vision of traveling through Peru

Plenty of time to fulfill your wishes and quality time for sharing with country people. Real and authentic experiences carefully planned to fit you. A journey through the immense southern geography of an Andean-Amazonian country.

Hikes, horseback riding and sailing, among car and plane trips to get access to all destinations and attractions we have planned for you. Between the busy capital city, the template high plains and the humid jungle lay the secrets you will gradually discover in the company of our experienced guides, and with the insightful tips of our Digital Concierge services.

Trip designed by Travel Expert Guido

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Nearly ten destinations in 22 days, in which activities along with the local people will abound, but free time in the perfect dose will do the magic of rejoicing this Andean-Amazonian country.


Jour après jour

This time your visit to Lima will be a shorty, not meaning that we won’t take any advantage of the limited time as you can choose between a thematic bike tour of food tasting along little establishments, or a scenic walking tour through more visual than caloric attractions.

This is our safe bet to make you feel good while inadvertently acclimatizing to the altitude. Arequipa is charming at the point of becoming unforgettable as it is pretty and easy to move around without guidance. Stay always in touch through the Whatsapp chat and do not miss any of the highlights or the best restaurants in town, as we will always keep all the best tips handy.

The long distances to cover won’t be a problem these days as there are always things to do in the way in and out of Colca. High plains and volcanoes, big and small, wild and domestic furred animals. Herbal infusions to heal the body and country families that do everything to make you feel at home and not to be treated as simple guests. A visit to witness the take-off and soaring of the condors and multiple other choices of activities involving the common chores of the country life. Relaxation and tranquil tours around town in Coporaque.

We looked for the real Titicaca to show you, nothing will be lacking authenticity or good taste. We are sure that the experience with communities and families at shores and islands of the lake will mark you, and nature will do the rest. Navigation, fishing, and walks will be part of the adventure during these tranquil and serene days.

The trip from Puno will not pass inadvertent with all the attractions along the way, but the best will come with the walking tour along the city. There is no better introduction to Cuzco. You will also be granted with free time and will be able to prepare yourselves for the Sacred Valley and The Coffee Route. After visiting Machu Picchu you will get back into town to get to know more and to experience new situations.

It is almost mandatory to contemplate the harmonic work of the Incas with the surroundings and the current functionality of its ancient creations. This time we have picked Pisac and Ollantaytambo for you to visit, but there is a lot more (you might want to stay an extra day to enjoy the Sacred Valley’s splendor).

At Machu Picchu’s backyard, where few ones transit, there are activities that escape from the main current of touristic attractions and that provide significant and enriching experiences. Get to know the people who make of the simple things of life, like sipping a cup of coffee, a whole new discovery, and rejoice with all the expectation that precedes to get closer and closer to the most anticipated moment of your trip.

A day that does not need much of a description. Instead of that, what deserves mention is to remind you the wonderful road you took to finally arrive at this point, and the unparalleled way back you will get after spending the day at Machu Picchu, where the mind blows and the spirit is enriched.

As we promised, now that you are back in the city, how about trying a cooking class? The whole process of preparing a local dish, from buying grocery to tasting it while sitting at a family table in a privately organized activity. Later on, you will have more free time to enjoy Cuzco.

This will be a long journey but when you reach the destination and meet your host you will know everything was worth it. The story of the place where you will spend the next days and that of its owner will be revealing. But as this is not all we want to show you, we will take you for a lake safari in search of the more representative fauna of the region. The jungle has many secrets and sounds of which you will be able to inquire during the campfire nights.

This is actually a day of traveling only, with the purpose to reach Lima for heading back home. You won’t believe that you woke up at the Amazon jungle and that in the end, you will be laying down your head into your very own pillow.


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