Pérou: Aventure en Famille avec adolescents

Trip designed by Travel Expert Guido

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A family of 4 traveling for 23 days in a tour covering the main destinations south of Lima with constant stimulation; interaction with locals, culture, adventure and free time to explore self paced


Jour après jour

Settle in to your hotel and scout out the neighborhood where you can dine on your first Peruvian dinner. Visit the downtown area to check out the historical Spanish center with its classic architecture. Soak in the hospitable spirit as you venture through town to visit the local markets, engage with the locals, and explore at your own pace.

Arguably the most fun part of the trip -- so long as you don't forget sunblock! Otherwise...it may not be so fun. Go on sea safaris, bike tours to scenic beaches, a wild buggy adventure in the sand dunes, check out the impressive geoglyphs by boat, and of course, a moment to watch the striking sunset.

After staying in this city, you will understand why the locals are so in love with it. Our Digital Concierge will provide you with tips for navigating this charming city, as you acclimatize to the altitude and visit authentic, delectable restaurants.

Venture to the countryside to spend a couple days engaging in local farm life. Your tasks will be greatly rewarded as you share the table with your hosts for a local dish. The chores of your home life will be given a new perspective as you herd llamas and milk cows! Walk ancient trails to ruins, a cemetery, spring waters, and witness condors soar above the gorges.

Temperatures start to drop as you make your way to Puno’s altiplano -- volcanoes, lagoons, and flamingos will keep you glued to the window until you arrive to Titicaca. Immerse yourself in the unique community of Titicaca, where you will stay with a local family atop a spectacular cliff above the lake and the Cordillera Real of Bolivia, with snowcapped mountains peaking over the horizon. Then catch a boat to Tikonata Island, letting the breeze brush your hair.

Travelling to this city is a synthesis of the Andean and Spanish cultures, luring keen travelers with its mythic temples, baroque churches and houses with ceramic bulls adorning the roofs when visiting the town of Pucara!. Try your hand at bartering in the overflowing central market. Check out the megalithic Sacsayhuaman to the bohemian San Blas to the exquisite Qoricancha.

Surrounded by epic mountains, explore the cultural epicenter of the Quechua, home to dazzling, colorful Andean blankets, cloaks, and Alpaca sweaters. Heeding the wise tips of our Digital Concierge, you will get lost in the wonder of the ancient town of Ollantaytambo.

This is the best alternative short route to Machu Picchu, as it takes you from whizzing downhill by bike from close to snowy peaks into the lush cloudforest where coffee plantations can be found! The route will bring you in contact with coffee farming families that will welcome you as a friend, before you hike through the cloud forests, getting closer to your most epic destination…

Breathtaking. Beyond words. The legendary granite citadel invokes insight, clarity, and humility. Our guide provides the ideal balance of information you need to appreciate Machu Picchu, getting all questions answered without inundating you with historical citations. Then hop on the train back to the city, and let your reflections sink in…

This is your day. You know this place now. Perhaps you pick up relics to bring home for loved ones, or mail those postcards, or visit a museum, or indulge in the special treats you've yet to try. (Again, our Digital Concierge is always at the ready, should you seek advice regarding what to do!)

If only the airport customs officials could see all of Peru’s treasures you’re taking home with you, they would probably stop you immediately. However, those treasures are safe in your memories and yours to take as a gift from our marvellous country. ¡Buen viaje!


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