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About Maria

Maria got to know Peru in 2017. A time where she wanted to refind herself and thus planned a trip to a country, better said, a continent she had till then not step foot on. During this trip she took part in a social project and got a chance here and there to explore beautiful Peru. She was so fascinated by the wonders of this mesmerising country that a year later she found herself back in Peru. Why? Well to gather even more beautiful and unforgettable impressions. A couple of months later she eventually decided to move to Peru. What she loves about Peru is the nature, the bright colors, the delicious food and much, much more!

Her favorite place and place of residence is Cusco, from where she can admire the Andes. In her spare time she likes to be active: doing sports, cooking healthy and going on hikes around Cusco with her boyfriend and her dog.

Beside her hobbies and leisure time she works as a travel designer at RESPONS. What she admires most in her job is on one hand having the possibility to show travellers the most beautiful places in Peru and on the other being able to support local families.

Maria's Role

Travel Designer

Q&A with Maria

What is your favourite quirk about Peru?

At the beginning it was something new for me that people at the market and streets called me “Mamita”. But now I know “Mamita” and “Papito” is a normal way to call everybody here.

Why did you want to work for Responsible Travel Peru and why is sustainability important to you?

Working for Responsible Travel Peru feels great because it creates the possibility for people to travel environmentally conscious and sustainable. Sustainably is important to me hence as a millennial I want to leave a better world for generations to come; e.g in order to have healthy communities, we need clean air, natural resources, and a nontoxic environment, protection of our ecosystem and preservation of natural resources. It also maximizes long -term benefits. Only through sustainability we can assure all points listed.

What things do you do to make sure your customers have peace of mind and feel safe?

I can give my customers the confidence and safety that the trip they are going to do it’s going to be the best of their lives and they can always contact me and my team whilst traveling.