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Frequently Asked Questions

A guide to clarify doubts about different subjects

Browse through our collection of FAQs (and their answers of course!) just by scrolling down and clicking over the + symbols when you want to read the answers.

Or use the table of content below to go right to the part you are looking for.


How far in advance should I book?

This is different for each tour. For most tours, you need book at least 72 to 48 hours in advance so that we have enough time to coordinate with the service providers. Longer tours might need even more anticipation. If you need to book on short notice and the website doesn’t allow you, please contact us as soon as possible: but we can’t make any promises!

Is the price valid for next year?

If you book very far in advance for the next calendar year, probably not. If this is the case, drop us a line.

We try hard to get the next year’s prices on time, but even governmental places (like archaeological sites) publish next year’s prices in the last months, or even last weeks, of the current year. 

How can I see the prices for a tour for my amount of travellers?

If you want to see the price for your situation, please select an amount of travelers (number of adults, children, etc) in the booking form, on the right side of the tour page (or the bottom on the mobile version). You will then see the total price for your group size and date right above it. For some tours, the price will change according to the chosen package. 

If the booking form is not yet visible for the tour you’re checking, please fill in the enquiry form and we’ll solve it!

(Price will only be shown on dates with availability.)

What is included in my trip?

Every tour or trip has a field specifying every item included, and excluded in the price. For longer trips please refer to the PDF itinerary which you can ask for through the Enquiry form. 

Items not specifically indicated as included, are generally not included. Examples are international flights, early check-ins or late check-outs (unless stated otherwise), souvenirs, laundry, tips, insurance and other personal expenses, and those items marked as optional or “Your Cost”. Optional excursions should be booked in advance with RESPONS.

How do I cancel a booking? What are the fees involved?

In case you would have to cancel the reservation on short notice (less than 30 days before), we unfortunately need to charge you costs which we can not get back. If you cancel before that, most of the times we’ll be able to refund you (minus administration fees already made, like credit card fees). 

Certain costs such as tickets for the Inca Trail might not be covered under the above arrangement because these are non refundable. We will inform you honestly about these exceptions. We ask you for your understanding. Our cancellation policy can be found here.


What should I pack for my trip to Peru?

Please refer to our article What to Pack for your Trip to Peru for all your questions about packing for your Peru trip. Whether you’re going to the jungle or the mountains, you’ll find the answers you need. You can also download a full Packing List for free. 

What is the best time to travel?

Peru is a tropical country with marked seasons and a varied topography that make of its climate a highly variable aspect along the whole territory.

December, January and February is summer time, that is generally characterized by rains along the country except for the coast. This is a period of time where most of the touristic activities are not recommended.

On the contrary, the winter time comprises July, August and September on the coast, while the rest of the country is suitable to visit. Of course winter also is accompanied by lower temperatures along the country, but the northern coast and the jungle are always exceptions, as weather varies little. This is for instance considered the high season.

Remember that during your briefings your travel specialist, as well as local guides, will give you all the necessary advice. In this article we’ll help you decide on the Best Time to Travel to Peru

Do I need a tourist visa?

Your passport will be the main travel document you will have to carry with you during your visit to Peru. Citizens of most countries won’t have the need for visas but check your case in doubt.

Do I need personal travel insurance?

RESPONS strongly recommends all travelers to have a good travel insurance, which includes mountain activities, for the duration of the trip. If it can cover costs in case of molest, social unrest, natural disasters and/or covid-related costs that would be preferable.

Is tap water in Peru safe to drink?

No, in most cases it is not. Mineral water is available everywhere but the most ecofriendly manner (and also cheaper on longer trips) is to use a water filter. There are many options, like water bottles with built-in filter, filter pumps or UV filters. Make sure they also kill bacteria.

Read all our tips on how to stay healthy and happy when traveling in Peru in this article!

Why do I have to hand in passport copies?

To comply with Peru’s tax rules (and sometimes, to buy tickets for you), we are legally required to hand over a copy of each traveler’s passport to the Peruvian authorities. If we don’t have your passports (and correctly), we will have to Late Charge you 18% sales taxes (on some tours). We’d rather have you spend that money in a local restaurant or on a typical souvenir from Peru! Find out more about how to safely share your passport in this article.

How much money should I bring to Peru for my daily expenses?

We will soon dedicate a blog article to this. 

How much should I tip guides and drivers during my trip through Peru?

  • Private drivers, private guides, and restaurants expect tips. These are not very large and depending on what you thought of the service that was granted.
  • For example, for a good guide you can pay between 10 and 15 dollars a day (as a group: not per person), for a good driver (for a whole day) half.
  • Drivers who are not private don’t expect a tip, nor a taxi ride in a city.
  • In restaurants between 5% and 10% of the total amount.
  • Group tour guides can expect a tip, but less than a private guide. For example, count on 2 to 5 dollars per person.
  • Other people who really improve your travel experience (the private driver who tells a lot, nice family, etc.) you can show your appreciation by giving something.
  • With local host families, instead of a tip, you can also think of a gift: for example, a game for the children (also promotes the interaction!), school material, some sweets from your country or something of your own place of residence, your company or school.

As a general rule, tips are always optional!

How will the communication during my trip be?

If you book a custom itinerary of longer than six days with RESPONS, we will provide you with a Peruvian SIM card and also add you to a private WhatsApp Group, allowing us to communicate almost every moment with each other. You can buy credit for calls and data usage yourself (we will provide instructions) and use your own (unblocked!) phone. You can give the number to someone back home for emergencies, but please be aware that text messages and phone calls from abroad don’t always arrive. It is better to use an online chat/call app like Whatsapp to ensure the best communication with your relatives back home. Remaining credit at the end of your trip cannot be returned.

If you book a short tour or excursion through the platform, this service is not included. You can still try to buy a SIM card yourself upon arrival to Peru (not every shop wil allow foreigners to buy one). Nevertheless, you can reach the tour provider directly by responding to the previous emails or using the phone number as provided in those emails. Be careful with roaming costs! Preferably use an internet-based service to call, for example Whatsapp or Skype.

Health & Safety

Which vaccines are recommended?

Visit a travel doctor who can give you professional advice on what vaccinations may be necessary. Some routine vaccinations are obligatory, like DTP, Hepatitis A and B. If you go into the Amazon jungle, a yellow fever injection is obligatory and malaria recommended. (Official CDC info here.) Read more on how to stay healthy when traveling in Peru here

Please make sure you have a valid COVID-19 vaccination. Although it is not obligatory, the chances of an infection are to be taken seriously when your itinerary includes flights or long bus rides (which they all do). Our guides and drivers would be grateful, too.

Recently, Peru released new policies that restricts the use of buses and flights for unvaccinated people. This makes it very hard to travel in Peru if you don’t have your vaccinations. Stay up-to-date about the latest Covid measurements here: Traveling to Peru in Covid times: measures, restrictions and conditions.

Which Covid measurements should I know about when traveling in Peru?

Well, the answer changes over time, that’s why we’ve dedicated a complete article to the Covid measurements in Peru for travelers. We’ll try to keep it as up to date as possible.

What if I have pre-existing medical conditions?

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, please let us know when booking or making an enquiry. We will work with to create a tour that suits your requirements.

What if I have dietary restrictions or allergies?

If you suffer any allergy o dietary restrictions, make sure to inform us during checkout and we will take the necessary precautions. Our local partners are used to catering for different kinds of travelers; even in the local communities you can eat gluten-free, vegan or with nut allergy. We do need to know in advance though, please, because the coordinations do take time.

Am I going to be safe during my trip to Peru?

Over the years, Peru has developed as a stable and friendly country for all visitors. At the same time however, there has been a growing division between the poor and rich population. Since tourists are likely to attract attention, it is wise to travel ‘low profile’ avoiding to show valuable items (cameras, iPods, wallets, smartwatches) and watching your luggage closely at all times.


Can I travel in Peru with young children?

We don’t recommend traveling through Peru with children younger than 6, because of the altitudes and long travel distances. We believe that from (more or less) 8 years onwards, children will understand much more of what’s going on, will be able to keep themselves safe and will enjoy and value the experiences much more. 

We have designed hundreds of family trips in the past, for families with kids of all ages. We love to design itineraries that take into account the wishes, restrictions and budget of each family (member) and put all our knowledge and experience at work to get the most satisfying result. 

You can find some recommended family-friendly tours and activities in Peru here. However, we really recommend you to contact our team of travel designers to custom design a family trip for you. It’s not much more expensive whilst we will improve the experience for all family members a lot because we can cater to the specific needs of your family. 


You can also read the following articles on Family travel in Peru: 




Can I take photos and videos of the local people?

Everyone directly involved in your visit, like the hostfamily, the local guides or families you visit during excursions, are usually fine with pictures. If you make a really nice (family) portrait and you promise to send it to them, make sure to fulfill that promise!

As to anyone not directly involved, like other community members you meet on a hike, it would be kind to ask them first if it’s OK to take a picture. If the picture is great and/or they’re a little uncomfortable, it’s OK to give a little tip if they are doing you the favour of posing or allowing you to take your photo. Something between 1 to 5 soles is fine. Don’t exaggerate. 

Showing the resultant picture is always nice if you have the time! 

If you haven’t found the answer(s) you were looking for, you can totally write down your question(s) in the following form and we will promptly reply you. Thanks!